Air Quality Sensor Platform

Air Quality Control Platform - POC

Proof of concept to sensorize with air quality / CO2 sensors and people detection systems in spaces for one of the best restaurants in Galicia using our product NPXCAQ.
Thanks to "Arbore da Veira" and "Taberna 5 mares", for being part of the proof of concept and to our partners from "Innovatec Galicia" for supporting the product.


Complete air quality management system and monitoring of the number of customers concentrated in each space.Through our smart sensors and CO2-NDIR probes and VOC sensors we can offer a complete solution with end user panels and corporate dashboard for one or multiple spaces.

NET people Counter & Air Quality Sensor

Air quality sensorsCO2 sensorsSystems for detecting the number of customers using RF (devices) with AIDisplay devices for usersVisualization and statistics platform for the restaurant


Small smart sensors capable of detecting customer concentration, Co2 and VOC measurements, temperature and humidity in the environment.
Its AI allows to discriminate fixed devices or employees to make more consistent readings of clients in the spaces.

Corporate Dashboard

Complete dashboard that allows you to view the data of all the spaces of a local or of various places, filtering by time or space.
It allows to have real-time information of our spaces as well as historical readings of the concentration of people, CO2 measurements and much more.

Device APP

A simple application that communicates with the sensors by bluetooth allows their configuration and management.
In addition, from this application we can obtain the most important data from any sensor or space of our corporation.

A privileged environment

Arbore da Veira

With a wonderful viewpoint over the Atlantic, the cuisine of Luis Veira and his entire team offers us a game of flavors and sensations with fresh and seasonal produce as the protagonist, in an incomparable location.

- designed and manufactured in Galicia.  –