Tappy is a smart tap that allows you to sell beer unattended. The user arrives, opens his application, pays for his beer online and serves himself. Easy right?

  • Offer a unique service to your customers.
  • Increasing your income.
  • Improving the experience of your customers in your establishment.
  • It is totally autonomous, accepts payment by card or via mobile.
  • Disregarded, you just have to change the barrel.
  • Automated, control everything from the APP.


Hardware for management and control of sensors and actuators.

TCU - Tappy Central Unit

Design and manufacture of custom hardware for the control of various beer taps.All the management part against server and app is done through an Embedded Linux module.At the same time, several microcontrollers manage the pressure, the flow and the solenoid valves of the taps.


Tappy: the smart beer tap

Serving a beer with a Tappy is very simple, since it is only necessary to scan the code of the cart panel, pay through the app or at the POS and the tap is activated to be able to serve the beer like a professional and enjoy the experience, skip the line. This system has been chosen by such popular events as the Festival Sin Sal, the Northwest Pop Rock, the Resurrection Fest, the Mercado de la Cosecha in A Coruña, the Vodafone Innovation (5G world presentation event) and the Vodafone Campus Tour .

About Tappy

Tappy was born at IE Business School, the result of the master's degree project by Jaime Bálgoma and Jacobo Wirz, which ended up winning the The Hop Awards, Estrella Galicia's Collaborative Entrepreneurship Program. With its innovative technology, it allows establishments to increase their profit (up to € 400 per month) through the sale of drinks and offers customers the unique experience of serving themselves a beer. 

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