Rack Display Screen

Temperature and Humidity control system for rack cabinets.

We know the importance of preserving your IT equipment in perfect condition, that is why we created this display that can be attached to your Racks.


Completely self-contained, with external plug-in temperature and humidity sensors to place near your IT equipment, or included in the equipment case itself.

Plug & Play

You will only need to connect 12/24v electrical power and an Ethernet connection.

The equipment sends data to our platform and can see its history of temperature and humidity records in Grafana or similar, you can also obtain the data by MQTT on your own cloud platform or locally.


Review your local or remote computers at a glance by consuming the data generated in a dashboard.

Different designs

We design our equipment taking into account your needs, contact us.


Do you need to integrate more sensors?
Do you want to give outputs to extra lighting or fans? we can do it.

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