Multiple Burner for Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Application Scenarios

■ Industrialization of devices created with Raspberry Pi Compute Module
■ Mass production burning of operating system images
■ Development teams for testing with multiple devices
■ Clone multiple Raspberry Pi Compute Module



Burn up to 7 of your Raspberry Pi Compute Modules at once!

This device allows clone a disk image on up to 7 Raspberry Compute Modules at the same time.
Compatible with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 / 3+ / 4

DOWNLOAD TECH SPEC (PDF) (coming soon)

Mother Board

Main board that allows connection via USB to the PC.
Supports up to 7 Compute Modules 3 / 3+ / 4 at the same time.

This device is recognized by Linux/Windows/Mac and allows you to use software that has multiple burning enabled, such as Balena Etcher.

Carrier Board

Carrier board, which allows inserting a Raspberry Compute Module 3 or 4.


Raspberry Pi mass production

Jump-start your device fleet by generating multiple, unattended burnings of your Raspberry Pi Industrial devices.

Save Time

In the time you burn one of your Raspberry Compute Module 3 or 4, our device allows you to burn 7 of them.

Independent Burning

Each burning process is independent for each carrier board, this device will mount its EMMC to be burned as independent devices.

Software Compatibility

You can burn your devices from the console, from specialized software or with any ISO disc image burning software compatible with multiple instances or devices.

LED Status

Different leds on each carrier board and on the motherboard, allow you to easily know the status of your devices and their operating system burns.

Plug & Play

■ Series of burns

It allows you to burn Raspberry Pi Compute Module 7 by 7 in a few minutes, and repeat the operation simply by changing your raspberrys for others.

■ Just a USB cable

Through a simple usb cable, you don’t need hubs, nor multiple DEV devices to repeatedly record your images, just mount your Compute Modules on your carrier and plug them in.

■ Burning to different Raspberry Pi

You can indifferently burn several different cards at the same time. Any Compute Module version 3 or 4 is compatible.

Technical documents

Downloadable PDFs

Mechanical Drawing Download (PDF) – coming soon!


USB Interface

Up to 7 Raspberry Pi Compute Module

WiFi SMA Connector

Robust Design

Designed for intensive use

Designed by Black Device

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