Multitouch Software – TouchTech Lima


■ Content Cloning
■ 180º Interface Rotation
■ Snapping
■ Presentation Mode
■ PowerPoint Remote Support
■ Pin Protected Accounts
■ ScreenSaver / Digital Signage Mode
■ Complete amazing Multitouch Support




Communicate effectively with people in social atmospheres, using your existing files.

Turn your presentations, brochures, images websites and more to life in an amazing interactive experience.


This is the minimum certified system for LIMA.
Powerful hardware is recommended for the best experience.


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Dual Core CPU 2.9 GHz
  • 1 GB GPU memory
  • 4 GB RAM


Touch Screen

  • with at least two touch points
  • FullHd 1920×1080 px


Increase brand perception


Our brain processes information faster when it is presented with visual content. Touchtech Lima turns ordinary presentations, brochures, images, websites and more into captivating, interactive experiences.

Communicate ideas

When you’re involved you learn faster, communicate ideas and develop an interest in the information you are presented. Everyone should be engaged. Touchtech Lima enables this through collaborative interaction.

More opportunities

Showcase your brand, your message and your products effectively with Touchtech Lima. This fantastic touch screen software offers a unique experience for everyone. Explore all your products, services and connect with your brand in spectacular fashion.


Control your presentations, photos and videos in a spectacular way!
Manage your media files and make presentations on its multi-touch screen.


With multiple setups and customizations of content and branding per account, you can prepare your presentations for different types of product or client.


Making a presentation and pointing out to your customers or highlighting some features has never been so easy and amazing!


Fully customize the interface of your account, so that the experience is not only interactive but also highly personalized.


Deploying your media collection in LIMA is really easy, and keeping your files up to date centrally is a real time saver, and knowing you’ll always have your latest files available magically!

File types

Present any type of media in an amazing way.
You can reuse almost any content of your web products, videos, pdf… to make a presentation a unique event.

Screensaver / Digital Signage Mode


Snap, Rotate..

Multitouch Support

Auto Detect file Changes

Mdns Auto-Discovery