An interactive experience for kids that increases sales.

A multiplayer entertainment system with games on touch screens, which increase the visit time of parents in stores, and allow a more relaxed shopping.


In collaboration with the main manufacturers of multitouch solutions, we select the best technologies and hardware according to the software to create devices integrated in the aesthetics of our clients, taking into account the functional, security and IT requirements of the brand.

Multitouch Screen

PCAP touch screen is typically used in smart phones and tablets, but can also be used for much larger screens. It works through the use of a conductive grid that recognizes changes in its electromagnetic field by the touch of your finger. Projected capacitive touch screen technology does not require a bezel. They detect only fingers or styluses. PCAP displays very accurate, and capable of up to 60 touch points.


Industrial design and integration of technology in furniture.
We are experts in adapting technology solutions in commercial spaces.

Multi platform

We work with the best 3D engines in the industry to carry out the necessary software and hardware adaptations for any platform, enabling integration not only in the design of the stores, but also with the specified systems and hardware.

Remote device management

All the systems can be managed remotely in a centralized single-point way.


Interactive Launcher

Personalized, animated and interactive game launcher screen, with several games by category according to age and/or difficulty.

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