Models and materials

We are experts in the mechanical design of consumer electronics and complex products. We are specialized in the design for the manufacture with plastic and metal and the assembly of special parts.

We put our experience at the service of your product from the stack approach to mass manufacturing.

Component stack design

  • Definition of the stack from the established specifications.
  • Stack-based dimensional analysis.
  • Determination of the shape and dimension of PCBs for the integration of electronics.

Design and development of mechanical parts

  • Defining the device requirements.
  • Mechanical design from the stack and the ID.
  • Selection of the geometry, materials, finishes and mechanical properties of each component.

Design and manufacture of prototypes and samples

  • Definition of geometries based on manufacturing technology.
  • Assembly and verification of aesthetic and functional prototypes.
  • Production of short series for functional validations.

Design For Manufacturing and Design For Reliability (DFM & DFR)

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