Interactive Shop Window

Interactive Dress

technology that is not seen, but that is felt.

  • Phygital experience
  • Added value to the product
  • Creativity
  • Custom designed sensors and actuators

Phygital Experiences

We create experiences that unite the physical and the digital.

Hardware, Software and "Things"!

We work with a multidisciplinary team that invents very subtle but high-impact experiences.


Interactive Dress

Through motion sensors that can go through the windows, we can detect the direction and the area of passage of your customers, and cause effects accordingly.
In this installation for ZARA - (Inditex), the effect of "drag as you pass" has been carried out, where a fan designed to measure and hidden inside a focus casing and managed by our sensor, generates a movement towards the user's direction of passage. .


We generate custom design experiences for our clients, seeking the simplest, most innovative and disruptive way possible.

- your product as the center of the experience –