Fitting your needs

We put at your service our experience in the development and integration of electronic systems for multimedia devices, smart devices and robotics.

We are specialized in the design for the manufacture with plastic and metal and the assembly of special parts. We put our experience at the service of your product from the stack approach to mass manufacturing.

System architecture

  • Definition of basic engineering (interfaces and modules).
  • Research and selection of components based on technical and economic criteria.
  • Compilation of electrical and electronic requirements.
  • Development of a roadmap in ARM architectures.
  • Integration of multiple processor architectures and high-speed interfaces.

Electronic development

  • Schematic design including mounting variants and alternatives to favor stockpiling.
  • Development of rigid, flexible or rigid-flexible printed circuits.
  • Integration of sensors and wireless technology.
  • Battery management and development of optimized power architectures for low consumption.
  • Security and anti-counterfeiting electronics.

Antenna and RF design

  • RF design for BLE, WiFi, LPWAN, GPS, NFC and 5G.
  • Integration of modules and custom design from integrated circuits.
  • Individual and shared radio development.
  • Empirical evaluation of antennas in prototypes.


  • Functional validation of the system.
  • RF validation.

Production and maintenance

  • Transfer designs to production.
  • Technical supervision of manufacturing.
  • Development of factory validation tools and protocols.
  • Support for after-sales services.
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